About Sepsisfonden

Around 135 000 people get sepsis every year in the Nordic countries, of these, 20 % die. More people get sepsis each year in the Nordic countries than the four most common types of cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, and colorectal cancer together! We want to change this!

The founders of Sepsisfonden, Ulrika Knutsson and Adam Linder.

Sepsisfonden instiftades 2015 på initiativ från Ulrika Knutsson, kommunikatör, och Adam Linder, i Sepsisfonden (The Swedish Sepsis Trust) was instituted in Sweden in 2015 on the initiative of Ulrika Knutsson, communications specialist, and Adam Linder, infectious disease specialist and sepsis research scientist. The lack of attention and knowledge of sepsis among the general public, within the healthcare and among decision-makers in addition to the lack of directed funding for sepsis research was the driving force to initiate Sepsisfonden. 

Sepsisfonden in the Nordic countries wants to raise awareness and spread knowledge about sepsis to the public, decision-makers, and health care personnel. The trust also raises funds to be able to support high-quality research projects to improve diagnostics and treatment of sepsis. The trust also supports patient centered projects which improve the quality of care of patients suffering from sepsis in the Nordic countries.

Human and financial benefits

Sepsifonden wants to be an actor in political lobbying. By actively working to improve diagnosis of sepsis cases in time in the Nordic countries, our organization also contributes to reducing mortality. We will also contribute to reduced costs within health care. Through more accurate diagnostics, in time, we will be able to reduce the number of sepsis patients needing intensive care (ICU). Many sepsis survivors suffer from sequelae which leads to great suffering for the patient but also a cost to society. In-depth knowledge of the negative long-term effects that are a consequence of sepsis will lead to new treatment methods which will favor the patient and society. 

A global problem

Sepsis is a global health problem. Worldwide, 48.9 million people develop sepsis each year. 11 million die. Even those who survive risk getting lifelong injuries. 40 % of those who suffer from sepsis each year globally are children under 5 years. Sepsis is also one of the most common causes of maternal deaths globally. As a part of a global sepsis network, the Sepsisfonden in the Nordic countries wants to contribute to sharing knowledge and spreading research results, which, in turn, would also contribute to reduced number of sepsis cases globally. 

We work together with among others World Sepsis Day, Global Sepsis Alliance, European Sepsis Alliance and The UK Sepsis Trust.

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