Sepsifonden is awarded the Global Sepsis Awards

global sepsis awards 2020

Already this fall we received the message that Sepsisfonden had been awarded the Global Sepsis Award 2020. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the ceremony was not held until May 11 in a virtual award ceremony where the founders of Sepsisfonden, Ulrika Knutsson, and Adam Linder were present to accept the award.

This is a real feather in the cap for us and an important international recognition for the work we do to increase knowledge and awareness of sepsis in Sweden.

– It is probably more important than ever to spread knowledge about sepsis. Those who get most severely ill during covid suffer from viral sepsis which has made sepsis a hot topic. At the same time, it is important to remember that sepsis is primarily when caused by bacteria, affects 40 000 people in Sweden a normal year, says Adam Linder, chairman of Sepsisfonden.

– With increased knowledge among the public and also within healthcare, we can save many lives. It feels great that the work we put in to increase knowledge and awareness about sepsis in Sweden is acknowledged in this way internationally, says Ulrika Knutsson, head of communication at Sepsisfonden.