Sepsisfonden goes Nordic


After seven years of raising awareness around sepsis in Sweden, we are now taking a step into the Nordics. We are now launching an upgrade of our website, where we have created information about sepsis in all Nordic languages, plus English. With the new site, we want to become a driving force in spreading awareness and knowledge about sepsis throughout the Nordic countries.

Sepsisfondens Insamlingsstiftelse (the Swedish Sepsis Trust) remains a Swedish foundation, with its financial seat in Sweden. But with our new website, and with a new Nordic network of people within our field, the goal is for us to become a center for spreading awareness about sepsis throughout the Nordics. In the long term, we will also broaden our research grants so that researchers from all over the Nordic countries will be able to apply for grants.

– This is an important milestone for us. The new website creates a new foundation for us to increase awareness around sepsis, not only in Sweden but in the entire Nordic region, says Adam Linder, chairman of Sepsisfonden.

In connection with the launch of the Nordic website, a Facebook page under the name Sepsisfonden Nordic has also been created, where we will communicate in English.

In Sweden we still communicate under, in the Nordics the official domain is