Raise Funding for Research – and Increase Awareness

Each year, almost 40.000 people suffer from sepsis in Sweden, about 20% of them die. And many patients who survive suffer from severe and longstanding complications. It doesn’t have to be that way. By increasing awareness and knowledge, and improving methods for diagnosis and treatment, we can stop sepsis!

More people suffer from sepsis each year in Sweden than from breast, prostate and colon cancer combined. Severe sepsis has a mortality rate (within 28 days)  reaching 20%, and the corresponding mortality rate for acute myocardial infarction is 8%. 28.000 people suffer from acute heart attacks in Sweden per year, but what is less known is that 40.000 suffer from sepsis.

While sepsis should be regarded as a serious endemic disease, fully comparable to cardiopulmonary diseases or cancer, it is a relatively unknown condition for most people in Sweden. According to a survey made in 2019 only 43% of the Swedish popluation have heard of sepsis. Even medical staff have difficulties recognizing sepsis. A common problem is that the clinical symptoms often resemble the symptoms of less serious conditions. This may lead to misdiagnosis and delayed treatment of severely ill sepsis patients in the emergency department.

Purpose and Objectives

Outstanding research in the area of sepsis is currently conducted in Sweden. However, more resources are needed. The main objective of Sepsisfonden (the Swedish Sepsis Trust) is to raise funding for research aiming to improve diagnosis and treatment of sepsis.

Sepsisfonden also aims to increase awareness and knowledge about sepsis among the public, policy makers, and medical staff.

Sepsisfonden cooperates with the “World Sepsis Day” organization, and other sepsis networks world wide, like, Global Sepsis Alliance, European Sepsis Alliance, the German Sepsis Society and the UK Sepsis Trust.

The goal is to contribute to a 50%  decrease in the number of deaths from sepsis in Sweden before 2030.

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For any further questions regarding Sepsisfonden, please contact us at info@sepsisfonden.se.